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Kaleem Clarkson

I am a husband, father, front-end web developer, designer, Drupal evangelist and entrepreneur from Bangor, Maine. Yes the home of Stephen King and Paul Bunyan. I hope you enjoy my projects and find my thoughts useful.

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Drupal 8, CMI, GIT and Pantheon makes me smile

I host all of my websites on Pantheon, because of the great web development tools that seamlessly integrate with Drush, Git and the Drupal's CMI. For Drupal 7 in order for us to move configuration settings into version control we had to use the Features Module to move settings...

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A New Year with a New outLook on Personal Branding

New Years is by far the best holiday. Why you ask? Well for starters there is neither the stress of having to purchase gifts, nor the fortitude it takes to prepare a large meal for thirty, and its the only holiday which comes to mind that every country, race, religious...

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